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Be it Resolved


At the end of every year it is traditional for people to make resolutions for the year to come, but I’ve never been one to make such resolutions as they often fall by the wayside sooner rather than later. Rather than resolutions, however, this is as good a time as any to set some goals for the coming year. Call them resolutions if you will, if it makes you happy, but they’re really just goals. The only good thing about having a “New Year’s Resolution” is that by announcing it to several people you may have a greater chance of achieving your goal (there’s that word again) rather than if you kept it to yourself.

So … what could I possible want to do in 2013?

In my Creative life:
I’d like to compose and write more and waste less time with things that aren’t productive and I’d also like to read more. Much more.

In my Personal life:
I’d like to continue to lose weight and exercise more. At the end of 2012 I’ve lost 30lbs (since October) and would like to see another 50 leave … that would be wonderful. This means sticking to the new lifestyle that I’ve been trying to adopt which includes virtually no meat and a mostly vegetarian diet/lifestyle (I hate the word diet – it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle).

I’d like to meditate more; relax more, be stressed less … and by losing weight (hopefully) be in less pain (though this hasn’t happened yet).

In my Online life (if such a thing can be called a “life”):
I’d like to be more active in – and aware of – Canadian political issues, and involved in more Civil Rights and Human Rights issues in general.
I would also like to (try) to make more consistent, regular updates to my blog(s) and website (oh, how often have I made this goal, only to see it die an untimely death …?).

I’m sure there’s more … there always is, but that’s more than enough for now, I’m sure.

To everyone out there, have a safe, enjoyable, and happy New Year – and remember – it’s only one day … tomorrow is another, life goes on after New Year’s Day (so don’t get too blasted).