The actual title of this poem is #DiscussThis – but leaving the “hashtag” in the main title seems to change the order on the page listing (at least, I think it does – this edit is an experiment). Regardless – I DO hope that’s what happens … please … #DiscussThis


Sifting through scattered papers abandoned by countless hands – left lying,
cast amongst lost, directionless souls wandering through this darkened land
crying out for justice – calling out with voices, unheard over howling winds of change.

Unable to see with blinded eyes – covered by thick scales,
grown over after years of neglect – through untold conflicts
causing once vigorous hearts to grow stiff and cold – if they still beat at all …
crushed under the weight of abuses so terrible they cannot – must not –
be spoken of in polite company:

But … we are not here to be polite, are we?
We are not here to sit quietly while
yet another innocent child is cut down
by those who have sworn an oath
to ‘Serve and Protect’ – are we?
Or someone else again calls out, “I can’t breath,”
while their life is snuffed out, are we?
No – we are not here to sift through
more scattered announcements of
yet another funeral, of yet another
unfulfilled life … tragically cut short
by bullets, fired by those who had sworn that oath
to ‘Serve and Protect’ – are we?

I know, it’s a difficult job – a dangerous job –
often a thankless job – and I know we need those ‘Cops on the beat’ who walk down the street, but that doesn’t mean that whenever they see a someone with skin a few shades darker than theirs – or not – they should be treated with any less respect than someone driving around
in a Bentley – or walking around wearing a hoodie, and baggy pants …

After all, aren’t we really all the same inside? (If you cut me, do I not bleed?)

What difference does our colour make? If you’re black or white, brown, yellow, or red –
there is no discussion to have about race today: we’re all part of the Human Race!

One People sharing One planet, and one bullet can kill each of us – just as easily
as anyone else … (after all) … Bullets don’t discriminate … but people surely do:
isn’t that the discussion we desperately need to have right now?

Race isn’t the issue, my friends – we’re all part of the Human race.
The issue is Racism … and the fact that All Lives Matter.

Let’s have that discussion over a coffee, and see things change for real.


This is dedicated to all whose lives were tragically cut short, to their families, and their friends.
by Peter Amsel ∞ (© 2015 SOCAN)

One Response to “DiscussThis”

  1. aufzuleiden Says:

    Thank you, Melina, I’m pleased you enjoyed the words. 🙂

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