Diversion (poem)

Here’s something that came to me this morning … I hope you like it.


The pain was quite real
tearing through the flesh
with talons fashioned from
stainless steel and
other elements
sharpened to an impossible edge
slicing through anything
unfortunate enough
to find its way
in front of the devouring blade

the pain
still real
as the flesh
is sliced open
but now
there is no blood

the blade moves
with deliberate, decisive strokes
revealing inner truths …
nothing hidden from
prying eyes
as the pathologist
completes the autopsy.

© 2012 by Peter Amsel (Creative Commons Fair Use License)

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4 Responses to “Diversion (poem)”

  1. kolembo Says:

    Good stuff!

  2. aufzuleiden Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kolembo – it’s greatly appreciated. -p

  3. Sharp Little Pencil Says:

    Peter, I didn’t see that coming… and with all the forsensics in the shows we watch, you’d think otherwise. There is “bloodless” and there is “bloodless”… know what I mean? Great write! Amy

  4. aufzuleiden Says:

    Thank you, Amy – this poem was special to me – I was trying to be as spare as possible, I really wanted to do just as you said – surprise the reader with something that they didn’t see coming. Glad you appreciated that.


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